Packing our Bags

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Hi, I’m here to show you that this is all that we’re bringing. Each of our bags only weighs around 15 pounds, and therefore will not be all too bulky for us. The reason for our light packing is because, first off, they’re so much easier to carry and re-pack with, and second off, since we are going to be riding the train a lot (the Eurail is the main form of transportation in Europe) and the train stations are often far away from where we may want to stay so light packs will be by far more advantageous than heavy roll alongs.


An Introduction to the Lerners

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This is us. (Order from left to right). Ben, the dad. Eden, the annoying sister. Me, Isaac. Susie, the mother
This is us. (Order from left to right). Ben, the dad. Eden, my sister. Me, Isaac. Susie, the mother

Hi, we are the SLO Lerners. It is a mere two and half weeks before we leave on the plane to Austin, Texas, then New York, and then Europe. We have plans to travel in Europe for eight months; renting apartments as we go, staying in each town for about a week, and exploring the history and culture of Europe. We are a family of four, with two parental units at the ages of 42, a son at the age of 12, and a sister at the age of 9. I am Isaac, the fantastic son, running this blog as part of my school. We go to a very unique school that combines homeschool with public school. We go to school two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and homeschool the other three days. For this trip we are going to use the homeschooling curriculum so that we can continue our education while we travel abroad. Posting on this blog will be part of my language arts. But don’t worry, this won’t be some website where I always just write about language arts stuff and non-fiction narratives about portabella mushrooms. This will mostly be just about our travels and a bit about how we incorporated our homeschooling into our average day. Action coming up; we are moving out of our house for the last week in our beloved town of San Luis Obispo, and staying at my grandparent’s place (their house is only a few miles away from ours). Then, on October 26th, we depart on the first section of our grand adventure…

This is Hoover, our wonderful dog. He will be staying at my parents’ best friend’s house. We are going to miss him SO MUCH!!!!!!

The SLOLerners have a Grand Plan

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ImageWelcome to the SLO (acronym for San Luis Obispo) Lerners’ Blog! We are creating this blog to tell the tale of our grand plan to travel throughout Europe from Summer of 2013 through the Fall of 2014. Our planning is in its infancy stages, but Isaac and I wanted to start up a blog to record even the planning of this grand event in our lives!