The Farm House in Anglés

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The Farm House in Anglés

This week was a bit different from any of our other stays. The flat we stayed in was a beautiful 18th century farmhouse five miles away from any town, which caused us to be fairly isolated from our previously walking trip and activity filled stays. We still loved it though. In fact, my family considers the flat in Anglés one of our favorite stays so far.

The owners house (Cristina) is just fifty feet away

Throughout the week we ended up driving to our surrounding cities and monuments. Girona is one of the nearby cities that we briefly visited. I’m not going to write to much about Girona because we are going to stay there in the next couple days. Also around Anglés are multiple volcanoes that have the distinct shapes of cartoon volcanoes. A perfect cone shaped mountain with a perfect circular crater in the centre. In one of the (thankfully dormant) volcanoes we visited, located in a little town called Olót, my sister and I ended up meeting a group of boys who we talked with. I ended up learning a few things about a kids life in Spain. For instance, when I asked him what languages they were taught in school, he told me that they teach Spanish, Catalan, and English, even though the only English words I got out of him that day were multiple “what-tha-f***’s.

Volcà de Montsacopa
Volcá de Montsacopa; the perfect volcano in Olót.

Though these day trips were quite fun, the highlight of our week in Anglés was the horse camp. Natura de Caball is a wonderful family run horse camp, where Edie and I enjoyed the brisk winter days. The three days that we spent there were super fun. Each day we would drive down to the camp, lead our horse to where we get them ready, and then ride. That was the first time I had ridden a horse since my family’s trip to a horse camp two years ago, and I loved it.

IMG_0371 IMG_0374

We plan on trying to find towns and flats like this more often because this one of a kind stay was absolutely incredible.


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